Mountain Ridge Football - ALL IN!!!


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May 29, 2001
Thought I would start another thread to post some positive things I see going on with the Mountain Ridge football program.

I was at the JV game last night in the pouring rain. It was awesome. Both teams left everything on the field. What I saw with Mountain Ridge was some really good size and quickness up front. Some Mtn Ridge folks will have to help me out with certain details and names. The people I sat by pointed out one of the biggest kids on the line and said he was only a freshman and one of the best hoop players to boot. I don't remember his jersey # but he had agility. Thought the Miners linebackers played a great game in their blitz package, penetration behind the FH line all night.

Offensively, the wish bone is cool to see. I know Coach Patterson will refer to it as the flex bone. You don't see a ton of option out of this formation but you do see some flexibility in the passing scheme for sure, especially with the varsity. Although in these rainy weather conditions Monday passing really was not the best approach. These JV players ran it with great precision and power. The whole package was there and you really have to tip your hat to the Miner coaching staff for having a game plan and getting their kids to execute it.

The future of Mountain Ridge football looks as good as I have seen it since the school opened in regards to putting a consistent product on the gridiron. Sure, the Miners have had some really good seasons, but it is that consistency that has been missing. Throw in the Snyder sophomore starting varsity behind center now and this program really sets up nicely the next few years. On top of that, the youth feeder programs are all being very competitive. I know because I now have grand kids and very dear friends whose kids are involved in the youth league and pee wee levels. So yes I attend games and follow it to some degree.

Some of the usual Miner posters here will have to help by telling us who are the other underclassmen that are currently on varsity as I do not know.

I will also state publicly that when Ryan Patterson was first hired, many Frostburg folks were pretty loud about their doubts he was the person who could pull them out of the tail spin. The results are starting to come in and there is no question Coach Patterson is the right man. If people haven't noticed, their varsity gets better as the season goes on. That's a sure sign of a good coach. He is building something that can be counted on. My advice to all Mountain Ridge fans...leave no doubt and BUY ALL IN!!!

People know I'm a red & white guy, but to me watching these type of local tussles is much more exciting. I would love to see all 3 county schools put up these type of games every year. I saw the same thing at the Patriots vs. Braddock youth league game Sunday. It felt like those old homecoming games where one play here or there mattered so much. Based on what I see going on at the lower levels for Alco, FH and's all good stuff. Keep it growing.

On a separate note...the Braddock cheerleaders must have about 50 girls. They go at it in their dance routines man. It was impressive. Kudos to whoever is in charge of all that. I do believe the next 2-3 years of Alco football will test the program but behind that I also believe is something to keep rowing the Camper boat. The Hunters, Cresaptown and Braddock have some players.

If posters here want to start another name calling, mud slinging debate please continue it on the other thread about this JV football game. I'm asking to please keep this thread positive please.
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Oct 27, 2006
The Crick
Thanks for the encouraging words. The future at Ridge definitely looks bright. I give a lot of credit to this JV class to Coach Sefa. Coach Sefa has been coaching these boys for several years. He is very knowledgeable of the game, and the kids respect him, and in return he respects these kids. ( Sefa also coached the Westmar Middle School basketball team that only lost around five games throughout middle school). I believe it may be the freshman class that went to the Little Super Bowl in the youth league.

The big lineman you are referring to is Peyton Miller (even better basketball player). He is like a gentle giant.

Besides Snyder at quarterback, there are a few other sophomores getting significant playing time on varsity. A TE/DE, and a DB. Prior to last week they moved a few boys up to varsity to provide depth because of injuries. One, a freshman lineman was moved back down, another sophomore RB/LB was kept up on varsity.

The JV team also lost a star running back due to injury in the first game of the year against ALCO. Jaden Lee ( runner up to Mikey Allen for league MVP of CAYFL ).

This JV team has some good size and some other really good players at the skill positions.

Being a Ridge fan I am really looking forward to see what these boys can do. Let's go Miners...


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Sep 13, 2009
Btw TD mentioning the cheerleaders has had a huge impact on them since someone shared what you wrote on fb. They practice long hours all year round. The girls have many injuries as they adjust their routine to perfection. They work and train thru the pain in every weather condition for endless hours. Win or lose they support and love the football team 100 percent. Thru all the hard times they are always there lifting up the football players and cheering them on. For the most part they are unnoticed, but you mentioning them is greatly appreciated by them all and means more to them then you will ever know. Thank you
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